Our Warehouse

Ehtesham Packages is a regular importer of all types of paper / cardboard and other raw materials from the world’s leading exporters. The large warehouse is sufficient to accommodate all types of printing orders even in a very short period of time. We buy local paper and boards directly from domestic manufacturers that ensure that the regular supply is maintained to meet the diverse requirements of our valued customer during the year.


Ehtesham Packages is ideally located in the heart of Karachi. Free from traffic congestion and easily accessible on a very convenient location. We have own standby generator for continuous supply of uninterrupted power at all times. This also ensures that our work is not affected or delayed by any reasons and we maintain a tight control on prompt deliveries to our clients, at all times.

Host of Modern Facilities

We possess modern, art printing and associated facilities. These include:

Film Processing

  • Laser Scanner
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Camera
  • Film Contact Frame
  • Film Processor

Plate Making

  • Plate Exposing Unit
  • Plate Developer Unit
  • Flexo Plate Making
  • Oven


  • Automatic Board and Label Cutting

Printing Units

  • Equipments Origin from Germany & Swedan.

Double Coater

  • Online Double Coating Machine for Special Effects Germany.

Die Cutting

  • Equipments Origin from Germany & Switzerland.

Gluing and Folding

  • Equipments Origin from Germany & Switzerland.

Board Label Cutting

  • Equipments Origin from Germany.

Lab Using Quality Printing Control

  • Equipments Origin from Germany.

Stand By Generators

  • Equipments make is Cumins.

Powerful Humidity Control Systems

  • Runing 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year.

Folk Lifters

Delivery Trucks.